The Divorce Shoppe offers three private and non-adversarial options as well as two more limited services designed to meet the needs of clients who may be unrepresented in family court or are working with a different mediator. See the “Options” menu above for more information.

All services start with an Initial Consultation. At your initial consultation you will learn about our services. Afterward, you can discuss each option with your spouse and consider which choice will work best for your family.

Think about these questions before choosing a process option:

Would either of you feel more comfortable if you had an lawyer?

How balanced are your communication styles?

How well do you understand the family finances?

Are their emotional issues which may interfere with your negotiations?

How important is legal advice?

Will you want your own attorney to review your final agreement?

Do you want a conventional result, or an outcome based on you and your spouse’s mutual and separate goals and interests and a shared sense of fairness?

Remember that you will be making important decisions that have both short and long term consequences. If you have children, the relationship with your spouse will continue for years to come. Therefore, how you choose to proceed can be just as important as the agreements you will make.

Although we do not offer a litigation service, and believe the adversarial nature of the court-based system is a “less than ideal” solution for most families, the conventional approach is the best option in some cases. Consideration of this option can be discussed at your consultation.

More information is available by speaking with our attorney/mediator click Getting Started.

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