“Kitchen Table” Mediation

Kitchen Table Mediation is designed for couples who agree on the terms of their divorce or are able to make their agreements with a limited amount of help. The process starts with an initial consultation with the attorney/mediator who explains the process and provides general information about Oregon family law.

The attorney/mediator will not provide legal advice to either spouse. However, legal advice is important and we recommend that all or mediation clients meet with independent counsel before signing their judgment and prefer that you have outside counsel available for consultation throughout the mediation process.


Clients are given a workbook that the couple complete together around the kitchen table or some other comfortable location. The workbook is designed to help clients consider and reach solutions to the questions relevant to their family and circumstances. While your mediating attorney can provide assistance, negotiations happen at home or other neutral location with the direct involvement of the mediator.

Once the worksheets are complete and returned to the Divorce Shoppe, the mediating attorney prepares the necessary legal documents based on the agreements recorded on the worksheets. Working with the couple as a neutral, the attorney reviews the documents with the clients, helps “fine-tune” their agreements and ensures the documents, particularly the General Judgment, are consistent with the agreements the couple have made.

After the documents are signed, the attorney/mediator files the papers with the court and tracks their progress through the court system until they have been approved by a judge. This model works particularly well for couples who have already made their agreements and want assistance preparing legal documents, and for couples who have the ability to use the workbook to resolve any outstanding issues.

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