Mediation Consultation

The Divorce Shoppe is also available to act as a consulting attorney for a client who is working with their spouse and a different meditator. As mentioned before, mediators cannot give legal advice to their mediation clients. But legal advice is important and can be a useful tool in reaching reasonable and sustainable agreements. Legal advice can be an effective buffer against the urge to “trade money for peace.” 

While this sentiment has a place, many clients who have made such a trade regret doing so, once it is clear that the agreement is out of balance. While it can be difficult, it is much easier to work toward a solid initial agreement rather than try to fix things later, when it is more expensive and may even be an impossible task. Legal advice while mediating the initial divorce can prevent this from occurring, or at least give a client contemplating such an agreement the opportunity to think about the possible consequences.

Mediation Consultation and Settlement Review can be tailored to fit your specific needs. Some clients just need a review of the settlement agreement before signing their documents. Others do well with an ongoing, but “as needed” relationship. Finally, some clients prefer a longer-term relationship involving both consultations as well as assistance preparing for their mediation sessions. As always, we tailor our service to fit the preferences and needs of each client.

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