In Mediation, your attorney/mediator will work with you and your spouse to reach mutually agreeable resolutions. Meetings take place in a safe and comfortable environment. Conflict is addressed in a supportive and respectful atmosphere. At the Divorce Shoppe, we help couples custom design the support system you need by building your own mediation team.

The basic team starts with the clients and a mediating attorney. The mediator guides the process, acts as an educator on the issues to be resolved and helps clients to create solutions.

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The attorney/mediator will not provide legal advice to either spouse. However legal advice is important and we recommend all our mediation clients meet with independent counsel before signing the judgment and prefer that you have outside counsel available for consultation throughout the mediation process.

If financial questions are at issue, a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst can be included on the team. Independent expert, such as an appraiser, actuary or pension attorney are jointly consulted.

Many teams also include mental health practitioners working as coaches or child specialists. These professionals assure that each family member’s personal and emotional needs are being addressed in combination with their legal needs, and to assist each spouse to negotiate effectively.

Together you and your spouse will make the choices for your own and your children’s future. Although the court will review your agreement, and we recommend each spouse consult with an independent attorney, mediation allows you and your spouse to find mutually acceptable solutions, without the direct involvement of adversarial lawyers or the court.

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